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Sensae is a Danish mental wellness company combining neuroscience, psychology and haptics with AI to create smart biofeedback technology that improves mental wellness by managing stress and anxiety.

We are driven to make an impact and aim to contribute and help mental wellness and mental performance.

We are committed to build a diverse and excellence driven culture and team comprising neuroscientists, psychologists, programmers, data scientists and machine learning scientists.

Research Scientist (Machine Learning)

Job Description

You will be developing and implementing novel machine learning algorithms for biosignal processing in a real-world setting.

You will have a background in computer science, engineering, mathematics or similar quantitative background with experience of applied machine learning research.

You will be working closely with a team of neuroscience and psychology researchers to develop solutions that have a real-world impact on people’s lives. 


  • Lead machine learning research
  • Develop novel machine learning algorithms
  • Collaborate with neuroscience team



  • PhD / MSc in computer science, engineering, maths or physics
  • 3+ years experience in machine learning research
  • Strong background in mathematics and skills in programming
  • Comprehensive theoretical knowledge of machine learning
  • Fluent in Python and C/C++



Preferred work location is Copenhagen, Denmark. However, we will consider remote working arrangements - we are a partly distributed team and have many years of experience in managing remote teams.

Limited travel will be required.


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View all open positions

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