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Power of breath

Yagmur Idil Ozdemir, April 29 2021

In this article we will go through a brief history and background to breathing techniques and their application in biofeedback and stress management. We will then present some recent data on our approach to breathing biofeedback Breathing practices have been an integral part of wellness practices for generations. While eastern traditions on meditat...

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Touch can bind us together

Yagmur Idil Ozdemir, November 6 2020

Findings that extend from neuroscience to developmental psychology support that CT-fibers are the most likely conductor of touch’s regulatory effects in our social well-being. The importance of touch in our social connections is well established and has been studied by numerous researchers within psychology and neuroscience. In developmental psycho...

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Touch allows us to feel

Yagmur Idil Ozdemir, October 23 2020

The sense of touch that our skin allows is so innate and essential to our identity, but how much do we know about our skin and how it allows us to feel touch? Follow this series of posts on touch to learn more.

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