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Interoception and stress

Faidra Papanikolaou, February 23 2021

This short article aims to describe how awareness of our bodies influences our stress response and how a lack of body awareness may increase the risk of  “unconscious” stress, which can be the source of mental and physical health problems. At the end of the article, you can find a questionnaire to learn about your perceived stress levels and your b...

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How stress hampers our cognitive abilities

Yagmur Idil Ozdemir, January 29 2021

Exposure to chronic stress induces structural and functional changes in multiple regions of the brain that are important for motivation, memory/learning, decision-making,  goal-directed behaviour and emotions. These brain regions include limbic structures, involved in regulating our emotions and memory, such as amygdala, hippocampus, stria termina...

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How does stress affect our immune system?

Yagmur Idil Ozdemir, January 21 2021

Chronic stress causes far reaching deleterious effects in our immunity. According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress impairs the communication between our immunity and systems involved in regulating our stress response. (American Psychological Association et al., 2018; Morey et al., 2015; Segerstrom & Miller, 2004).

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What is stress and when does it become chronic?

Yagmur Idil Ozdemir, January 14 2021

We all want to reduce the negative impact of stress from our daily lives, but we cannot do this without first a clear understanding of what is our stress, and when does it get unhelpful. So in this blog post, we will dive into the “taxonomy” of stress, and differentiate a potentially useful stress response from chronic stress, to later in our posts...

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The global epidemic of stress and anxiety

Yagmur Idil Ozdemir, January 8 2021

Have you been experiencing stress that sometimes doesn’t seem to just go away? Do you worry that this could transform into a persistent health issue? We hope that you did not answer yes to these questions, but if you did, you are not alone. Changing lifestyles, work-environments and global changes in recent times, with one particular change that we...

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Touch can tap into our social and emotional well-being

Yagmur Idil Ozdemir, November 13 2020

The link between oxytocin, CT afferent fibers and our wellbeing Oxytocin is a hormone that has wide-reaching importance in regulating our social well-being and mental wellness. Oxytocin is a type of neuropeptide, which is a signalling molecule in our nervous system. Oxytocin is released to several regions that are important in the regulation of soc...

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Touch can bind us together

Yagmur Idil Ozdemir, November 6 2020

Findings that extend from neuroscience to developmental psychology support that CT-fibers are the most likely conductor of touch’s regulatory effects in our social well-being. The importance of touch in our social connections is well established and has been studied by numerous researchers within psychology and neuroscience. In developmental psycho...

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Touch makes us happy

Yagmur Idil Ozdemir, October 30 2020

The 4 groups of low-threshold mechanoreceptors that we covered in our previous blog are highly studied, but they are not the only types of mechanoreceptors worth exploring. The discrete C-afferent tactile fibers, or CT-fibers for short, innervate a heterogeneous group of mechanoreceptors that are found on both hairy and non-hairy (glabrous) skin, a...

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Touch allows us to feel

Yagmur Idil Ozdemir, October 23 2020

The sense of touch that our skin allows is so innate and essential to our identity, but how much do we know about our skin and how it allows us to feel touch? Follow this series of posts on touch to learn more.

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Sensae - My new venture against the silent Killer.

Olivier de Simone, August 27 2020

Today I’m really excited to announce my next venture, Sensae - a mental wellness company offering personalised tactile stimulation to automatically monitor and manage both stress and anxiety. There are not many issues that impact society so negatively as Stress and Anxiety. In fact one in five people in the Western world is suffering from issues re...

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