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haptic biofeedback

for mental health

Sensae is a Danish mental wellness company helping people to manage stress & anxiety by using AI to interface with emotions through personalised haptic biofeedback.

By tailoring stimulation to a specific condition and timing it perfectly, we provide stimulation that is optimised for the best possible effect.


Sensae is facilitating a closer relationship with technology by enabling meaningful stimulation that mirrors touch and is truly emotional and affective.


We are all different - there is no single solution for everyone. Sensae delivers personalised solutions for each individual user.


Our Technology

Our Approach

We work with psychologists and psychiatrists to validate and improve our technologies  


We specialise in using the latest technology to monitor and evaluate a wide range of physiological parameters involved in our emotional lives


We work with leading researchers from across the world to develop new ways of understanding and affecting the emotional centres in the brain


Data Science

We work with the best hardware and software engineers to develop superior hardware that is comfortable, safe and built to last


We develop and employ advanced machine learning to better monitor emotions and optimise stimulation using our patent pending system

Artificial Intelligence

We are passionate about security, data ownership and transparency and work hard to implement the latest technology to enable people to take ownership of their data

Who we are

We are driven to make impact and aim to contribute and help mental wellness and mental performance.  

We are committed to build a diverse and excellence driven culture and team comprising neuroscientists, psychologists, programmers, data scientists and machine learning scientists


Olivier de Simone

Co Founder & CEO


Daniel Lyngholm, PhD

Co Founder & Chief Neuroscientist

Neuroscientist and physiologist with 10+ years of research experience (KCL, Oxford, Strathclyde) in neurotech development and research into the cognitive and neural mechanisms of sensory perception.


Serial entrepreneur in music, tech and wine - Partner @The Orchard grew EU business to +$50m - Board Member @Schenk Wine Group $500m turnover - Co-founder Cyborg Nest (Human Enhancement).

Core Team

Partners & Collaborators

We have a large and growing international network of interdisciplinary partners and collaborators from Neuroscience and Psychology through Artificial Intelligence to Philosophy and Ethics.

We are passionate about what we do and love sharing with the community and explore opportunities for partnerships and collaborations. Don't be shy

Drop us a line to say hi.

Faidra Papanikolaou

Health & Biofeedback Psychologist

Interdisciplinary psychologist & engineer specialised in health, medical psychology and Biofeedback. (MSc Leiden University, Msc AAU Copenhagen).

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András Nagy

Machine Learning Data Scientist

Interdisciplinary data scientist with an interest in psychology and neuroscience. (MSc AAU Copenhagen)