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that touch you.

Sensae is a Mindtech company at the intersection of Neuroscience, Psychology and AI. Our vision is to utilise haptic technology to interface with our emotional system and improve lives by preventing stress and mental illness.

By tailoring stimulation to a specific condition and timing it perfectly, we provide stimulation that is optimised for the best possible effect.


Sensae is facilitating a closer relationship with technology by enabling meaningful stimulation that mirrors touch and is truly emotional and affective.


We are all different - there is no single solution for everyone. Sensae delivers personalised solutions for each individual user.


Our Approach

Our Solutions

We work closely with manufacturers of a wide range of wearable devices to enable integration of the richest and most effective haptic solutions.

For wearable manufacturers

For App developers

We support a wide range of platforms and offer solutions to app developers that enable the development and integration of affective haptics

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